So here is my sort of Curriculum Vitae where I tell you about all the impressive accomplishments in business I have achieved.  I will simply list out some basic facts.
2013 to Present: Consulting and Investment Management and other specialties.
2011-2013 Co Founded Xhibit Corp. Public Ticker: XBTC . As of May 2012 Xhibit is the Owner of SkyMall
For more info : and or look up more information on OTCBB.COM or any finance service such as Yahoo or Google Finance.
2010-2011 Founded Hrizzo, LLC, Co-Founded Stacked Digital, LLC that were later merged into Xhibit Corp. Both were online Digital Media and Marketing firms.

2007-2009 Co-Founded Eclipse Int. where I partnered with a large Bosnian Group and US Group to form an alliance. These companies sold VoloMP to Ybrant Digital of India and the USA and also sold to an Australian Company. Eclipse was An online digital marketing firm with a focus on Email and Paid Advertising.
2004-2006 Founded and Operated Detail Guy a Custom Luxury Auto Detail Company with pick up and delivery service.
2002-2004 – Day Traded and Founded and Operated JAH Ltd an Ebay and Online Distributor of Retail and Wholesale goods.
Before all of this I did try out a few jobs, but it just wasn’t for me. Hence my Title “Life Entrepreneur”
I love what I do and I do what I love. I always Under promise and Over deliver. That is my guarantee and I stand by it. I love seeing others succeed and being a major part of that success.