Here is the page where I am supposed to give it all away and brag and boast about how great I am and all the feats I have conquered and deals I have done to make millions. Although I have done a lot in my life, I instead would like to take this time to simply introduce myself, give you a bit of a background on me, and then let you continue browsing to the Business section where I get into more details on that side.
First a few quotes I have lived by.
“Never Mistake Wisdom for Knowledge. One Helps you Make a Living, the Other Helps you Make a Life”
“You can only Fail if You Give Up”

I have two beautiful daughters I love to pieces and I split my time with Summers in Washington and the rest of the other 8 to 9 months in Scottsdale and around the world.
My hobbies are bodybuilding, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, surfing, wake boarding, jet skiing, hiking, fishing, and a whole lot more. I don’t drink I don’t smoke, and I like working hard, playing hard, and spending time with the ones I care about as well as attending church and other community groups.
Ok, now that I’ve bored you to death, go read on to the other tabs here, and then call me if you need to know something specific. 

My name is Jason Hrissikopoulos I was born circa 1984. I was born in Bremerton, WA outside of Seattle, but also am a Greek citizen and spend a good amount of time South of the Border as well in Cabo surfing and working remotely online. I love my freedom and that is why I chose the line of work I am in. 
I grew up in Silverdale, WA about 90 minutes outside of rainy Seattle in the gorgeous Pacific NorthWest. I attended my undergrad at University of Washington from 2002 to 2006 where I double majored in Economics and Spanish (while living in Mexico and Spain for a year total combined) so I am bilingual in Spanish and fluent, but my Greek is really bad so don’t make fun of me because I don’t speak my native tongue.

 I am well-traveled, with 26 countries under my belt from African countris, Europe, Australia, and Asia and can say I have an appreciation for the world and its diversification and all it has to offer.
When I graduated I went into day trading but soon found my knack and true passion was not to be tied to the markets but create my own and that is what drew me to online marketing after trying out some brick and mortar ventures I founded. I have not had a job since I was 16, it is who I am, I value my freedom.